About the Program

CECO CERTIFIED: Interactive Webinars for Today’s Technology.

CECO CERTIFIED Continuing Education Series encompass a vast amount of subject matter, such as wet scrubbers, filters, oxidizers and much more. These webinars are not your run-of-the-mill online classes. They are interactive, visually driven multimedia sources conducted by company leaders who give credence to their expertise with a wide range of experience.


Immerse yourself in CECO CERTIFIED content

A CECO CERTIFIED webinar is an immersive presentation, one in which the attendee is encouraged to participate. Polls and quiz questions are often administered, allowing the viewer to respond live. Additionally, documents may be provided during the discourse that the attendee can download for additional support. Participants will also be able to ask questions throughout and receive real-time answers from the presenter.

Get certified by CECO Environmental and earn PE credits.

In addition to providing you and your team with an increased comprehension in pollution control, CECO CERTIFIED may also qualify you to receive Professional Engineer (PE) credits.

One CECO CERTIFIED course generally provides the attendee with one PDH unit. Given that Professional Engineering credit requirements vary from state to state, we have provided a list of states where our courses fulfill the requirements here.