CECO Environmental - helping you (and the world) evolve.

As an expert in environmental air pollution control technology, energy solutions, and fluid handling, the work we do at CECO Environmental benefits industries and individuals alike. Helping engineers make decisions and providing manufacturers with invaluable knowledge regarding equipment and systems is just a small part of what we do at CECO.

We realize that the expertise held by our team members is beneficial to the environment, as well as individuals intending to continue their education. We want to share this important body of information and have created a unique educational series called CECO CERTIFIED.

These ongoing webinars provide convenient and thorough training to the online attendee, designed to help end users and engineers understand how environmental technology works within their systems.

CECO CERTIFIED Continuing Education Series encompass a vast amount of subject matter, such as wet scrubbers, filters, oxidizers and much more.

Do you want to attend a webinar but have a scheduling conflict? No worries! You can still register and a link will be sent to you containing an on-demand version of the presentation after the live event. PE credits will still be earned from taking on-demand courses when all requirements have been completed.

Complimentary courses conducted by experts. What’s not to like?

CECO proudly provides these complimentary courses for individuals and businesses needing to expand their knowledge of air quality, fluid handling and energy solutions that assist with regulation compliance. Our environment is evolving at a rapid pace and staying up to date on current standards and technology is increasingly important. Maintaining and updating your knowledge of equipment may boost your performance, while also benefiting our ecosystem.

So, whether you are an engineer, maintenance supervisor, purchasing or other end user looking to stay atop your game, our online webinars are just for you.